What do you wear?

I usually wear a black dress or pants outfit that is a solid color, but I never wear anything that has a pattern it distracts from the wedding couple. If there is a certain color you want me to wear, just let me know. I love an excuse to shop! I do not wear robes or pastor attire. I try to fit with the style and formality of the day.

Can my service be religious? Non-religious?
This is your wedding, and I’ll write the wedding script to your specifications. The ceremony is your story, so I don’t use a cookie-cutter script. Over the years I’ve discovered a “one size fit all” is absolutely a false statement, so it’s tailor written for each couple. The service can be religious or non-religious. I’ve done many ceremonies both ways. If you have a certain theme you want the wedding to be, I’m happy to customize your ceremony to your theme. My goal is to create a ceremony that will be meaningful and something for you to reflect upon for many, many years to come.

Can you do a wedding and include children?
Absolutely! In fact, this is my favorite type of wedding ceremony. When families are being blended, I feel it’s important to include the entire new family. I enjoy talking to the children and making the day special for them too! They can participate in the Unity Candle ceremony, be a bridesmaid or groomsmen, have them read a special passage during the ceremony, and the list goes on and on. Don’t forget to include them in the preparation of the wedding too. No matter the age, everyone likes to go to the cake tasting. Another special touch is giving them a special keepsake “the day of” morning. Do everything you can to get them included because this day impacts their life forever.

Can you blend two different religions together?
Yes, I have successfully blended various religions, faiths, and cultures into one loving and meaningful ceremony.

Friendly Note: I recommend you first get your family on board with the idea. Your family probably has strong feelings about their religious beliefs and introducing another set of beliefs into your ceremony may possibly offend them – especially if it contradicts their beliefs. If you present your ceremony ideas with compassion, love and explain how you’ve thought things through, it will hopefully be welcomed as a loving union that’s off to a great start. Surprising your family the day of the wedding with a blended service sometimes throws a damper on the reception. Stop any confusion over why your Christian-based ceremony has overtones of another religion by telling them the details of including each of our religious beliefs. This helps everyone understand and appreciate your special ceremony.

Will you come to the rehearsal?
Absolutely! If you’re having a specialized ceremony and need to run through the service, the night before – I’m there! (If by chance there is a conflict, I will tell you before you book my services.)

How can I make payment to you?

I take Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, check and cash.

Do you require premarital counseling?
No, but I will tell you that the decision you are making will change your life forever – and to enter this commitment in love, dedication, loyalty and above all else – joy. If you feel like you would like premarital counseling, I have some great contacts that would be happy to share with you.

In what areas do you perform weddings?
I reside in central Indiana, but I’m happy to go north to Kokomo to Jeffersonville to the south and all points in between. Just call or text and we can talk about your location.  There are extra travel fees noted in each package outside of a certain range.

Do you offer any other services?
I offer sound reinforcement for an additional fee. If the Best Man or Maid of Honor needs assistance writing a reception toast, I would be happy to help at no cost. I have also written and presented eulogies at funerals and emceed community events.

Can you recommend a DJ? Bakery? Photographer? Caterer? Venue? Flower Shop? Hair/Make up Stylist? Vocalist? Violinist? Pianist? Song selections?
Yes, I have recommendations for all these things. Just ask and I’ll share my list with when we meet!

How long is the wedding service?
I have officiated weddings that lasted 15 minutes to 35 minutes. I think a good average time would be in the 25-minute range. If you want lots of extras in your ceremony, plan on it being on the long side. When I mention “extras” I mean vocalists, unity candle, friends reading passages, etc. I always try to give you a solid time range before your ceremony after the script is written to your specifications.

How do I get a marriage license?
Click here for the Indiana State Website with all the information:

If you are an Indiana resident you will apply for the marriage license in your home county at the Clerks Office. If you are not a resident of Indiana you must obtain the marriage license in the county where you will get married
A marriage license is valid for only 60 days from the date it is issued, and couples may be married as early as the same day.

What happens if there is an emergency and we cancel or move the date of the wedding?
I would certainly be happy to book another day and move forward as planned. If I could not do the day you selected, you would be refunded. If you cancel the wedding, I will keep the $100 deposit because I’ve held that date. If you had paid more than $100, those monies would be refunded.

When is payment due?
If you would like for me to hold the date for you, a $100 deposit is requested when you book the service. The remaining portion just needs to be paid prior to the wedding date.

Could you give the blessing or say a few words at the reception?
Yes, I have done many blessings prior to the meal. I would be happy to stay and give the blessing. No additional fees applied.

Can I have a family member or friend say something during the ceremony?
Absolutely! I enjoy sharing the ceremony with family and friends. If you need assistance with wiring something or selecting the right reading, I am happy to help! I think this adds a special touch to a meaningful ceremony.

Who files the wedding license after the wedding?
It depends on which package you choose. All packages include me filing your license except for the Lightning Package. In all cases you will need to obtain the license prior to the wedding.

Would you meet me first to decide if we want you to officiant our wedding?

Sure, we can find a nearby Starbucks or restaurant and meet and chat first. This is an important part of your big day, and I would be honored to meet with you and see if you wish to include me. This meeting is complimentary.

Frequently Asked Questions